Matt Pearson

Factory Supervisor

Matt joined us at Lesko in 2017, having spent many years working as a Welder/Fabricator on construction contracts for a number of different Companies. He worked a lengthy period for Fairline Boats as Production Supervisor leading teams in the manufacture of Motor Yachts. He’s also spent a number of years leading production teams in diesel engine manufacture at Caterpillar UK. Matt was once part of a team of 6 Welders that constructed the Steelwork for the World’s largest portable structure - Tensile 1 (Valhalla).

Having spent a lot of time over the years working on houses, Matt has developed knowledge and skills along the way and is now conversant with a variety of trades.

Matt wanted to join Lesko as he finds the product range interesting and he’s excited by a market place that seems to exhibit great growth potential. For him, being part of the Company from its initial set up, helping to mould production lines, processes, infrastructure, etc. is a really attractive prospect.

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