Jack Randall

Project Director

Jack joined Lesko in 2018 as our Project Director with an extensive background in the Construction industry.

As a Construction entrepreneur and industry consultant, Jack has worked with many of the big house builders during his career. His experience extends to Project Management, Product Development and Sales.
Jack’s valuable first-hand experience at end to end construction and renovation makes him ideally placed to take a lead role in managing our significant modular construction projects. Successfully coordinating manufacturing of the Zedpod for Ecobuild 2018, Jack and his team completed the build in only 14 days! He believes that that developing strong relationships is key to a Company’s success, along with personal motivation and a positive attitude.

Jack is here to help us achieve our full potential here at Lesko and is excited to be involved in acquiring and using the most up-to-date techniques and materials.

Outside work, Jack is interested in fashion, food and sport; he plays football and squash, enjoys the gym and walking with his dog in his home county of Cambridgeshire.

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