Lesko Modular Group Ltd are delighted to announce we have been accredited by Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) FOR THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE OF NON TRADITIONAL BUILDING, recognising quality assurance for non-traditional methods of construction.

The Buildoffsite Property Assurance scheme (BOPAS) is a risk based evaluation which demonstrates to funders, lenders, valuers and purchasers that homes built from non-traditional methods and materials will stand the test of time for at least 60 years.

For funders and lenders, it provides confidence that the construction system is fit for purpose and removes the uncertainty of the construction for valuation purposes. This removes the risk of mortgages for developers being declined and improves the business and technical risks to manufacturers of the construction system. It also assures the end owner that the property has been made in a repeatable and controlled manner.

Along with the above benefits, the BOPAS accreditation can offer the home/building owner lower life cycle costs and should there be any deficiencies during the initial 60-year period, access to latent defect insurance.

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We currently conform with ISO 9000 and are actively working towards certification.